Episode 205: Title Goes Here :)

25 July, 2013 (11:46) | Episodes | By: MikeTown

  • Video releases
  • Lightning Round
    • Nintento Famicon turns 30, better known in the US as the Nintendo Entertainment System
    • You gotta be kidding me: A Nashville TN man has sued Apple because the Safari browser allows him to view porn (I guess that whole personal responsibility thing is for other people)
    • The Kremlin is going back to typewriters to prevent security leaks. Seriously. Moscow Times said so.
    • Apparently Microsoft is also trying to sell XBox One to businesses as a cheap video conference solution with Skype integration, Office 365 web apps, and the ability to stream from a tablet to the box.
    • PC sales have declined 5 quarters in a row according to IDC and Gartner, down 10-12%
    • Nokia announced the Lumia 1080, which is really just the 920 with…wait for it…a 41 MEGAPIXEL camera, with app that allows manual adjustment of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed
    • You can’t make this up: July 2nd launch of Proton-M rocket carrying three satelites for the GLONASS Navigation system (Russian GPS) crashed after 6-1/2 minutes of flight because “critical angular velocity sensors, DUS, installed upside down”
    • Surface RT prices drop: $349 for 32gb, $449 for 64gb model, not including cover. Permanent, or clearing inventory?
    • Acer, one of the few PC makers that actually sold Windows machines with Thunderbolt ports, is ditching them for USB 3
    • Here’s a 3D scanning program for OS X…that uses the Kinect? (link)
    • Apple has released Logic Pro X, same price as 9 at $199, in the Mac App Store. Sounds like they learned from FInal Cut Pro X, no missing features reported
  • Headaches for the mega-blockbuster
  • Hyperloop – what the heck is Musk on about this time? (link1) (link2)


Comment from MikeTown
Time July 25, 2013 at 11:50 am

No, the title’s not a mistake. I’m on a short break at work. :)

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Time July 25, 2013 at 12:39 pm

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