Episode 176: Minecraft Pi

29 November, 2012 (08:56) | Episodes | By: MikeTown

  • Video releases
  • Melissa made a Silent Movie Primer (link)
  • Raspberry Pi gets Minecraft! (link)
  • The iPad delivers synthesizers to everyone (link)
  • So apparently, a lot of people bought game consoles last weekend
  • That was inevitable: HP got sued (link)
  • Psy had beaten Justin Bieber for the most watched YouTube video of all time (link)
  • WTF Were You thinking?: Somebody named their baby girl “Hashtag” (link)
  • Sad legal story of the week: Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your email without warrants (link)


  • Richard: Nine Algorithms That Changed The Future (link)
  • Melissa:¬†Webcomic Beacon’s 5th Anniversary (link)
  • Paul: The 4th Annual Charity Frag-A-Thon (link)
  • Mike: Make Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing (link)


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