Episode 146: Paul Has A Sad

5 April, 2012 (08:59) | Episodes | By: MikeTown

  • Paul’s wife got into the new Warcraft beta, but Paul has not…
  • Video Releases
  • Why is this news? Amazon Instant Video is now on Playstation 3
  • The thing about internet “journalism” (link)
    - Why is no one sourcing a link to the alleged Microsoft quote?
  • Gaming console rumors abound
  • Red Hat has its first $1 Billion year
    - And some people still say free software won’t amount to anything
  • Settlement talks have collapsed in Oracle lawsuit v Google over Java patents in Android
  • Cool crazy billionaire projects: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos wants to retrieve the F-1 engines used in the Apollo 11 launch (link)
  • Like to shoot the night sky?  The Canon EOS 60Da is out (link)
  • And you think you don’t have enough hard drive space… (link)
  • Canada stops making the pennies, eh (link)


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