Episode 141: Reverse Bechdel Test

1 March, 2012 (19:33) | Episodes | By: MikeTown

  • Video releases
  • RIP – Steve Kordek (link)
  • No, you can’t sue over time zone information (link)
  • Meat from stem cells… bwa ha ha ha!¬†(link)
  • Data visualization of StackOverflow¬†(link)
  • Beer and it’s lessons on emerging technologies¬†(link)
  • And for the exercise geeks, the Talk Test (link)
  • Oscar talk, and science with the Bechdel Test (link)

(And as a side note, it helps to hit ‘Publish’ when you have the post ready to go at 6:30am, instead of waiting 13 hours to realize you didn’t… – Mike)

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