Episode 115-The Podcast of Unusual Podcasts

17 August, 2011 (13:30) | Episodes | By: Rmeister0

This week the crew talks about:

  • Video Releases
  • Giorgio Moroder’s Metropolis comes back from the dead (link)
  • The IBM PC is 30 years old (link)
  • PDF of the original IBM PC Announcement (link)
  • But the PC era is over (link)
  • Google patents estimated shipping time. No, really. (link)
  • …and spends $12.5 billion to purchase Motorola Mobility (link)
  • Still, Android’s problems may not be over (link)
  • The Oram Synthesizer, from 1957, with video (link)
  • The 1,000 year old DVD (link)

Peeks of the Week:

  • Richard: Common Misconceptions (link)
  • Melissa: Wikipedia’s Unusual Articles (link)
  • Paul: Legends of the Super Heroes (link)
  • Tangents: The Last Dinosaur (link), Oramics synthesizer simulation (link)

And don’t forget to check out The Killer B’s Improv Movie Show on Facebook and at the Huge Improv Theater in Minneapolis in September!


Comment from treelobsters
Time August 19, 2011 at 4:33 pm

Re 1000-year DVD: Sure, DVD players won’t be around in 1000 years, but you won’t need one. You could conceivably convert LP to MP3 using a 3D scanner (and a shitload of processing) without it ever touching a needle. Punch cards? Lay them out, take a picture and run it through an image processing app. If a DVD actually manages to survive 1000 years (and anyone actually cares what’s on it anymore), it’s likely the 31st century equivalent of a 3D scanner will be able to read the DVDs structure and reconstruct the data into whatever format is in fashion at the time.

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