Episode 98 – Needless Collection

12 April, 2011 (21:38) | Episodes | By: Rmeister0

This week, the crew talks about:

  • Video Releases!
  • Director Sidney Lumet passed away at age 86 (link)
  • Microsoft record Patch Tuesday (64 vulnerabilities!)
  • Amazon ad-supported Kindle for $114
  • Adobe adds subscription option for Creative Suite buyers
  • What do you use your tablet for?
  • Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Atomix (gaming) magazines for iPad
  • Commodore announces new retro computers (link)
  • Richard Branson’s latest crazy billionaire venture
  • Mono for Android
  • Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars (link)
  • Britains oldest working television goes up for auction link, and check out the original brochure.)
  • Trek TV shows coming to Netflix
  • Switched.com’s Comprehensive Emulator Guide (link)


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